Human brain is a WIFI

 Have you ever wondered why some people have psychic abilities to get information from another person or from another world(paranormal stuffs) or else guessing accurately the exact info? Although some people would disagree that its a fake thing or people just do for publicity however, The strange part is that it has proven by many of them that they predicted has later turned out to be true But How?

* What is the phenomenon which is hiding behind the unaccepted fact that comes up?

* Why some people can do and the others cannot?

Can it be scientifically explained?

     Here is the answer, you might have heard about we all have electrical impulses which have a purpose to transfer the data from our senses to our brain but, here's the thing,  What if the electricity in our body has more ability than what we realize. I firmly believe that some humans have the ability to use it just like How we use data transfer wirelessly from electronic devices and there could be a router in our body maybe could be in our brain, the reason for those why others cannot do maybe they haven't figured it out how to trigger that power. The truth is we produce electricity and there should be more research and experiments to unfold the mystery of this power.


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