Secret revealed to access ultra consciousness

In many cultures and religion the practices that played to calm down human soul and mind might appear different however, the principles were the same, In this blog i'm going to share how to access our ultra conscious mind and How it works? How some magicians uses these techniques? It is said that our mind is the most complex thing to understand, hence it is parallel to the universe. Have you ever wondered why we feel light when we look up ? Have ever wondered why we feel emotionally filled when we look down? In both cases the thoughts that comes up is different to the other.

                            The positive thoughts always hits in our mind when we look up and negative when we look down. While we look up and if we focus on a point middle to our both eyes then our subconscious mind slowly unifies with our conscious mind then the magic happens, that moment there is tunnel of manifestation opens, whatever you desire and focus on that point of moment you can manifest it however, it depends upon the clarity of thought of construction if a small point of distraction happens it won't work.
I've tried 3 dice game it worked 9 out of 10 times.I don't know how it happened i was shocked!!! I focused on 3 numbers that i wished to appear after the roll, it appeared!!! I bet you guys to try to focus and play this game with this principle, I'm sure you will be shocked with the outcome.


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