Another perception about the enigma of ancient pyramid

       There are hell lots of theory about the mystery behind the enigmatic structure of ancient pyramid however, there are some things that i wanna share with you guys before your assumption about my blog hits on me! let me tell you, i have never been to Egypt in my life but i know certains things about it that fascinates me everytime, in this blog i will talk about the perception to see the pyramids in a different way.
                                    The long gone civilization were people of today still can't figure it out, how did they built these massive, gigantic pyramids without the advanced technology? Although there are many evidence claims that they might have used it but nobody knows how did they got or who provided them?Even if it is true.In my previous blog i shared with you guys about the mathematical principle that Tesla was right about the 369 pattern and iv'e shown you guys how it applies over the calendar and clock pattern and the relation between the triangle. While i was working on my previous blog suddenly i was aw struck because my mind traveled to Egypt, seeing that vision of pyramid with connection of triangle of calendar i was like dang!!! It is possible.Below you will see the diagram of my vision check it out-


As you can see the images above you might have got the idea that there is a strange and mysterious connection between these two, now i propose that the ancient pyramid could be an incomplete calendar! Now i'm just saying it could be! Have you ever asked why did they build in this shape not any other shape? Many philosophers , mathematicians, engineers, scientists etc.. asked several questions regarding the shape of pyramid and many of them have different perception but few satisfies the logic because of lack of evidence, hence they are unable to conclude it.Today ancient pyramids are still a hot topic for many mystery solving enthusiasts, I hope in coming years we could step forward to solve this puzzle.


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