Human brain is a WIFI

Have you ever wondered why some people have psychic abilities to get information from another person or from another world(paranormal stuffs) or else guessing accurately the exact info? Although some people would disagree that its a fake thing or people just do for publicity however, The strange part is that it has proven by many of them that they predicted has later turned out to be true But How?

* What is the phenomenon which is hiding behind the unaccepted fact that comes up?

* Why some people can do and the others cannot?

*  Can it be scientifically explained?

     Here is the answer, you might have heard about we all have electrical impulses which have a purpose to transfer the data from our senses to our brain but, here's the thing,  What if the electricity in our body has more ability than what we realize. I firmly believe that some humans have the ability to use it just like How we use data transfer wirelessly from electronic devices and there could be a router in our bod…

Secret revealed to access ultra consciousness

In many cultures and religion the practices that played to calm down human soul and mind might appear different however, the principles were the same, In this blog i'm going to share how to access our ultra conscious mind and How it works? How some magicians uses these techniques? It is said that our mind is the most complex thing to understand, hence it is parallel to the universe. Have you ever wondered why we feel light when we look up ? Have ever wondered why we feel emotionally filled when we look down? In both cases the thoughts that comes up is different to the other.

                            The positive thoughts always hits in our mind when we look up and negative when we look down. While we look up and if we focus on a point middle to our both eyes then our subconscious mind slowly unifies with our conscious mind then the magic happens, that moment there is tunnel of manifestation opens, whatever you desire and focus on that point of moment you can manifest it however,…

Another perception about the enigma of ancient pyramid

There are hell lots of theory about the mystery behind the enigmatic structure of ancient pyramid however, there are some things that i wanna share with you guys before your assumption about my blog hits on me! let me tell you, i have never been to Egypt in my life but i know certains things about it that fascinates me everytime, in this blog i will talk about the perception to see the pyramids in a different way.

                                    The long gone civilization were people of today still can't figure it out, how did they built these massive, gigantic pyramids without the advanced technology? Although there are many evidence claims that they might have used it but nobody knows how did they got or who provided them?Even if it is true.In my previous blog i shared with you guys about the mathematical principle that Tesla was right about the 369 pattern and iv'e shown you guys how it applies over the calendar and clock pattern and the relation between the triangle. Wh…

New BREAKTHROUGH ABOUT 369 pattern of Nikola Tesla has been Discovered

Nikola Tesla, the greatest physicists, engineer and the inventor of AC motor ,the founding father of wireless communication that we use today!!!! Some of the Tesla fans who are reading my blog might have already knew that Tesla had a fascination and obsession towards the number 3,6&9... Besides his achievement in his earlier life and he had severe OCD problems that he struggled later on in his life... As a big fan i was also curious about his obsession towards the number 3,6&9.  I had the thirst to know the truth behind this number, for several months i was reading about these three numbers, intense researching, analyzing etc.. and Tesla quoted once -“If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” –  There are lots of pattern of this ominous number and has been spotted in nature but what i have discovered last year i.e 27 Sep 2017 is truly astonishing..                                 I still remember on that day that afternoon …